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Laughter prolongs life, and a good laugh to tears, prolongs life even better

Laughter prolongs life, and a good laugh to tears, prolongs life even better
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This concept has long been a scientifically proven fact, given the long-term observations and experiments of many scientists around the world. Despite this, many skeptics still believe this opinion is absurd, refusing to accept the fact that laughter - a real fount of health. In this article we will try to find out the true impact of laughter on the human body from the scientific point of view, as well as answer the question, why so popular searches on the Internet are considered to be "funny pictures", "funny video," "funny to tears," "funny jokes", "funny quotes" etc.

First of all it is worth noting that there is a whole science of laughter - Gelotology. The founder considered of American Norman Cousins, who in the late 70 - ies at the time suffered a rare and incurable disease of the joints. After a hopeless verdict doctors, Norman had locked himself in his room and every day was looking funny video (comedy) hours on span. As you may have guessed, the result is laughter therapy was amazing! Just one week it has almost completely disappeared excruciating pain in the joints, after 30 days, gradually began to move more and more after some time and fully went to the old job. It was since then, this science studies the effects of laughter on physical and psychological health. And today its experts officially identified various incentives for laughs:
1. Emotional - overall positive mood that occurs during the holidays, nice memories and other positive developments;
Cognitive - when viewing the related video and images (photo tricks), anecdotes or jokes on various recreational resources;
Engine - is necessary for this effect of surprise or contrasting emotions, makes a person laugh to tears and to abdominal cramps.

It is also necessary to remember and know that when you "funny to tears" comes enhanced release of serotonin, which is also called the "harmony of happiness." Science has proven what the more often a person laugh, the better will be his state of health. To confirm these words, below we present a few scientific - research and at the same time, amazing facts, that you might not be aware:
- At during a day the children laugh approximately 20 times more adults;
- Laughter cleanses the entire respiratory system of the body, particularly the lungs;
- Lol to tears produces endorphins, responsible for mood and relieves pain;
- Laugh to colic in the abdomen will allow a person to lose weight by replacing three single 15 minute charge per day;
- Contrary to false opinions, the laughter don't advent causes wrinkles !;
- In Germany, there are clowns - doctors. Despite the absurdity of harmless jokes and tricks to help kids with serious illnesses.

Previously, their point of view presented and such outstanding and world famous personalities like Darwin and Freud. According to them, laughter restores mental stability and makes it possible to cope with lustful thoughts. Today, more and more scientists are experimenting on this phenomenon. One of these achievements include the ability to get laughs artificially. But despite this, irrational human laughter could not be explained at now time, while laughter of a human patient has its quite logical explanation.

As for the world of culture, among many international holiday, found a place and for day of laughter, which is celebrated on 1 April. We have it even has the name "April Fool's Day." He noted all over the world, although ratio to the "jokes" every different. So, Americans prefer of videos and pics of ridiculous fun with flawed, Russians prefer Russian jokes, and the British simply regular funny play on words can cause "laughter to tears". Accordingly, the conclusion is the same: do not infringe upon themselves in the desire to laugh, because it not only helps in the fight against the disease, but also adds several years to life.

Be healthy and laugh to tears!



laughter - a real fount of health, it has long been a scientifically proven fact, given the long-term observations and experiments of many scientists around the world.

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