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Why the Scots wear skirts?

Why the Scots wear skirts?
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men in kilts

men in kilts

First I need say that to call a skirt that's wrapped the Scots around the waist, is wrong. This is not a skirt, and a piece of cloth, which in a special way wraps around the lower torso and secured with a belt or several buckles, and name is "Kilt".

This apparel was variety sizes and forms. The first mention of the appearance of the kilt is attributed to 1594. It was a large piece of cloth, wrapped so as not constraining movements to keep heat all over the body. The smaller variety of this apparel appeared much later, in 1725.

The love of female outfits here is not. Just that attire was easier for the Scottish men to cross difficult mountainous terrain, with numerous rivers, where frequent rain and constant dampness. Warm fabric, simple cut, dried much faster than the trousers, and, if necessary, acted as a blanket, and even a tent or canopy.

Wrapping a piece of cloth around the body is not new in the history of costume. Many people have used this method to close their nakedness or to keep warm.

After a time the people of Scotland living away from the mountains, too, appreciated the advantages of the kilt. He became so popular that it appeared in the palaces of the nobility, who was is distant from the soldier's life. The national kilt is became so popular that it was worn by Scots living abroad who wish to emphasize their ethnic affiliation.

The Scottish kilt could tell a lot. Despite the uniformity of the colours (cage), each a separate branch of the mountaineers who lived in the XVIII-XIX centuries, had its traditional color of the cell and the basic background that was woven into the pattern. The pattern can explained to which clan a person belongs.

Meanwhile, comfortable, warm, practical blankets, stitched a simple methode, remained popular with all strata of society. In field conditions, was used two types of kilt, small and large. Useing large kilt the soldiers could turn around completely, from neck to toe. What could be more convenient in field conditions. The little kilt continuing to perform the role of the simple clothes, which allows you to move freely and dries quickly.

Troops, dressed in kilts existed until the 40-ies of the last century. Now that national costumes can be seen only during the holidays or for the artists representing culture of Scotland.

parade in kilts

parade in Scotland

An interesting historical fact. Explains why since ancient times the Scots wear skirts, why they serve, as they are called

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22 January 2017 21:10 

Very informative and interesting article. Thank you.


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