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Interesting facts about cats

Interesting facts about cats
Interesting facts about cats
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Perhaps no people in the world, indifferent to cats.
There are a lot of fans and lovers of cats, but there are also those who hate them zealously.
People are literally thrown from one extreme to another: some simply idolize these lovely pussies while others consider them to be a product of evil spirits and throw huge forces to fight them.
There are many interesting facts that are not known to all.
For example, during the Spanish Inquisition, cats were considered accomplices of the devil and They were to be burned at the bonfire.
Particularly battered, of course, black cats.
And in that case, their connection to evil spirits did not questioned...
But in ancient Egypt, the death of a cat was considered a great grief.
The hosts even shaved their eyebrows as a sign of this event and went into mourning.
Cats in Egypt - a truly sacred animals.
In Russia cats incredibly lucky - they are also considered sacred, satellites of god Veles.
Because cats in Russian homes always turned out honor and respect.
Another extreme - in medieval Europe cats immured in the walls and foundations of houses with a rat in his mouth, according to legend, it was to scare away evil spirits.
Currently, we absolutely can not understand how this could actually scare away evil spirits, but these facts, unfortunately, have taken place.
Another example of the veneration of cats - this is the only animal, who was allowed to attend an Orthodox church (of course, in excluding of the altar of its parts).
Another interesting fact is that the cat was a gift to the Indians from the white colonizers, and the Indians enthusiastically accepted this gift.
After all, Indians are very honored representatives of the cat family, especially mountain lions, and presented the cats were taken with pleasure.
And another interesting fact:
there is a wonderful Jewish legend about why Noah's Ark was not ruined by rats.
It turns out that God requested the lion sneeze and when the lion sneezed from his mouth jumped cat who is saved the Ark from the invasion of rats.

Inquisition and black cat


It is told about the feelings people have to cats in ancient times, and what beliefs existed at the expense of cats.

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