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Cats are different needs, different cats is importants

Cats are different needs, different cats is importants
Cats are different needs, different cats is importants
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When asked, why people many time ago was domesticated cats, been given a comprehensive answer: he wished that handy had his little tiger.
The joke, of course, but in every joke has some truth.
Literally it can be interpreted as follows: a person unconsciously seeks to have themselves protected.
In this case we are talking about a magic plan.
Everyone knows that cats have a close relationship with the subtle world.
The cat in the house - a kind of human mediator with the subtle world, it protects the owner, treats it and creates some beneficial atmosphere in the house, which considers its sacred territory.
The magical and healing properties of cat are closely associated with their breed and color.
There are certain rules that need to know and consider.
It is well known that black cats - unfortunately.
Song about a black cat, often sounding in the air, cautions against seeing him.
Perhaps these animals actually pose a risk, but only if they others ...!
Black cat in the house - on the contrary is very cool!
The British think so, because that black cats have the power to take away the negative energy, to protect the owners from harm and to give them wisdom.
Red color - this is the magic of money.
That red cats are often referred to as bucks.
Perhaps it is no accident - so attracted by wealth and monetary wealth.
Blue (smoky) color - it's the cat, giving emotional stability, love and peace. Until now, it was cats such color in Thailand give brides.
Sami such animals are calm and quiet, and that is passed to their respective owners.
Another very popular color cats - Siamese. This color is considered to be royal. Such Fuzzies at home bred in temples and worshiped them as deities. Cats of this color give their owners the glory, success and well-being.
Especially popular are the calico cat. This combination of colors (red, white and black) symbolizes the girlish quality (white), parent (red) and deep magic (black). Three color cat - the cat of the supreme goddess.
Kittens such color breeders generally do not sell, and left at home.
Those still many years successfully serve them, bringing happiness and good luck into the house.
Bicolor cats tend to have plenty of character and a cat black and white color - very good healers among the class of cats.
Usually they accurately determine a sore spot, lie down on it and make it easy to state his master, taking the bad energy.
White color - apart from the competition. It is a symbol of purity and tranquility, the owners of white cats are very lofty, spiritual and pure soul.
Tortoiseshell cats (she cats just because they have mostly female and very rarely - he cats) represents the feminine energy, wisdom and insight, clairvoyance.
Thus, when choosing a cat to magical procedures must take into account its color, the cat was able to fully unleash their magical qualities.

It is told about the dependence of the magical and medicinal properties of the cat from its color. What are the colors on that influence.

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