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The most oldest bride in the world

The most oldest bride in the world
The most oldest bride in the world
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elderly newlyweds


This morning on the news - some fun information which forced a smile.
Usually my TV is on for the background, but then I heard the phrase, which was hook my mind:
bride ... 106 years old!
Next came charming little pictures:
wrinkled old woman, clearly metiska with an admixture of Negro blood, like a monkey in a white dress with a long bridal veil, with difficulty walking with a walker, hobbling to the altar.
Voice behind the scene:
bride of 106 years old and this is her first marriage.
This is the most older bride in the world.
She was prepared for wonderful wedding - special cut dress, makeup, manicure ...
At the head of the question:
and who is this lucky?
As it turned out, the groom exactly 40 years younger, the couple met in a nursing home.
Immediately sneaking suspicion:
maybe she - crazy millionaire, and he chased for her money.
No, it turns out, she is poor as a church mouse, simply it is about her this fiance dreamed all his life.
Love !, you understand?
So and then you say about that marriages are made in heaven!
And, of course, immediately quipped my husband:
This seems as if you are now married to your eight-year grandson ...
- Envy silently! - Fun I snapped.

I was heard on the news that a woman in 106 years old married for the first time and this is most older bride in the world.

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