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Collection of funny pictures 2017-02-08

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cans with torn handles

bad luck... 3 times

Girls decorate the Christmas tree

we are not looking for easy ways

гольф в трусах


girl dressed helmet is not properly

here so it is necessary to wear a helmet

sunroof half filled with asphalt

this hatch is no needed for us again

lot of urinals in a small room

for a very close friends

paving slabs laid crookedly

professional work

cyclist flies without a bicycle

in flight

convertible with protection from the sun on the windshield

Interestingly, it is helps or not?

Mug with the middle finger on the bottom

our grandpa

motorcycle flew into truck


peppers in boxes for tomatoes

a new variety of tomatoes)

drain manifold is higher level then water

No comments

the arrow on the right and the road to the left

good marking

car parked wrong

genius of parking

photos of people and situations happening with people who make you smile and laugh

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Date added: 08.02.2017 06:56

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