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There is metal more expensive than gold and platinum

There is metal more expensive than gold and platinum
There is metal more expensive than gold and platinum

After asking many, what is the most expensive metal in the world, you'll get an answer that gold. But this is only partly true. In nature, there are metal which are much more expensive than gold. Price this metal exceeds the value of gold.

Cost elements is determined by the concentration of the element in the nature or the complexity of its production, as occurs for example if the metal in pure form or present only in the composition of complex compounds and alloys, and perhaps he even produced by synthesis in specialized industrial laboratories.

And so, let's start our top 7 most expensive metals on Earth.


metal bars


  • Californium-252 - 27 million $ per gram
  • Gold - $ 43 per gram
  • Platinum - $ 35 per gram
  • Palladium - $ 21 per gram
  • Iridium - $ 20 per gram
  • Rhodium - $ 19 per gram
  • Silver - $ 0.6 per gram



Californium-252 - 27 million $ per gram

Yes, yes, you heard right! The price of one gram of Californium-252 can reach tens of millions of dollars! This metal-isotope capable of producing only a couple of laboratory reactors in the world, one of which is in Russia, and the second is located in the USA. The performance of the reactor is extremely low and is only 20-40 micrograms of California in the year.




Why is this such an expensive metal? Californium-252 isotope has a high neutron multiplication factor (greater than 3) and a critical mass of about 5 kg metal ball. This metal is used as a powerful source of neutrons in neutron activation analysis, in medicine - in radiation therapy of tumors, as well as in science, in experiments on spontaneous fission.



Gold - $ 43 per gram (summer 2016)

Gold is just only the third highest value in the list of natural materials, and it is worth noting that this is the metal most revered in the world. Since ancient times, gold is idolized as more than one metal in the world, with its use were made various ornaments. Gold is not found in the compositions, it is produced only in pure form. This characteristic of metal ductility, corrosion resistance, compactness and flexibility.




In addition to the manufacture of jewelry, gold is used in other areas:

  • Due to its malleability of one gram can be drawn fine wire, the length of which will amount to more than 2 km.
  • Since gold has qualities a good conductor, this metal is widely used in electrical contacts.
  • Gold is used to create not only digital chips but also Electroplating connectors and electronics.




But among the people are very popular jewelry made from this material. Each beautiful dreams brighten their finger a ring of this precious metal.



Platinum - $ 35 per gram (summer 2016)

This second of value after metal rhodium, which is found in nature. The exact date of the opening of this material is not known. The first mention of it is already in the ancient Egypt and Ethiopia.




At the beginning of this metal was considered as white gold, but, because it is too difficult in during processing, it is was not used for a long time. Due to the fact that this metal is very resembles silver, gold and sometimes, but heavier weight, it began to be used by counterfeiters. After all, the price of platinum in a long time was very low. In The nature of platinum in the pure form is not found, it is for this reason, this metal identified as a separate substance only in the 18th century.



Palladium - $ 21 per gram(summer 2016)

Palladium - element of the subgroup of the eighth group of the fifth period of the periodic system Mendeleev, is denoted by Pd (Latin Palladium.). The noble metal of the platinum group of silver-white color. Palladium is reacted with concentrated hydrochloric and nitric acids, "aqua regia", halogens, sulfur. Oxidized when fused with potassium hydrogen sulfate KHSO4. Palladium does not react with water, dilute acids, and alkali solutions of ammonia.




This precious metal is among the ten most expensive metals on the planet. Resistant to corrosion and lends itself perfectly polished. It was discovered in 1803 by English chemist William Wollaston. Palladium is widely used in industry, such as the catalyst used in the hydrogenation of fats and oil cracking. Also used in the manufacture of membranes for hydrogen separation and purification of hydrogen isotopes, both independently and in alloys with other metals (eg yttrium). Widely used in electronics and electroplating. From Palladium occasionally minted coins memorabilia, and the metal involved in jewelry as alloys with silver.



Iridium - $ 20 per gram(summer 2016)

The discovery of this metal refers to 1803. This most heavy metal and has properties such as hardness, strength, but at the same time and friability. His silver-white color reminiscent of tin. Independently iridium is almost never used, it has been extended as a component of complex alloys. Its main purpose is to give strength refractory metal. If in the soft composition of platinum added 10% of iridium, then the final strength of the material is increased by three times.




For the manufacture of beautiful jewelery jewelers often use an alloy of platinum and iridium. These things have a high value among collectors and lovers of beautiful things made of precious metals for its original and exclusive appearance.

But not only for decorative purposes, iridium alloys are used. Widespread he received for making the standards of many things. It is used to create the standards of length, weight, surgical instruments, electrical contacts, and more.

On average in the world for a year uses about tons of material, which is distributed as follows:

  • chemical industry;
  • catalytic processes;
  • dental and jewelry alloys;
  • production of combat lasers.



Rhodium - $ 19 per gram(summer 2016)

he most expensive of natural metals that are found in nature, is rhodium. His discovery refers to 1803. It should be noted that in naturally it not many. On our land this metal is few tons. Within one year of rhodium extracted a small amount - around a hundred kilos.




The cost of this metal is so high that its use is possible in extreme cases. Rhodium is used in situations where is not possible to do without it. If possible, try to substitute the same for materials properties.

It is used in automotive catalysts are engaged in conversion of exhaust gases into less harmful emissions before released into the environment. Every year the demand for such devices is getting higher. Accordingly, the consumption and production is growing rapidly.

Rhodium outwardly resembles aluminum, which has a similar color and brightness. However, it has a solid state and has a greater resistance to oxidation and high temperatures.



Silver - $ 0.6 per gram(summer 2016)

Silver is a precious metal silver-white color. The crystal lattice - a face-centered cubic. Silver is quite malleable and ductile. Melting point - 962 ° C, density - 10.5 g / cm³.




The use of silver extensively, by minting of coins and medals, to use in electrical and electronics, medical and manufacturing of mirrors. About Silver Jewellery you already know well.


Please note that this rating is made at prices at the beginning of the autumn of 2016, and the stock prices of various precious and noble metals have a certain volatility, so a value of the metal that can overtake others, to give them.

The most expensive metals on the Earth

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