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When was invented candy

When was invented candy
When was invented candy
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Which component was first used to make candy in ancient times?
What do most of chocolates today?

What is the annual celebration of love the most? Some may say that Christmas, because they like to open presents from their friends and family members. Others may say, Independence Day, as there may be a lot of fun that day. You can have a picnic and watch the fireworks that light up the night sky.

However, many children, Halloween can enjoy more than any other holiday. Why not? It's always a bomb, many dressed in superhero costumes, goblin, or a fire. Of course, there is another moment of celebration, which children love. What are you talking about? Candy, of course!

From jelly bears and chocolate bars up with chewing gum, most children receive a variety of candy on Halloween. In fact, the typical bag of candy on holiday can contain dozens and dozens of different types of chocolates. So who came up with all this?

Human beings have a sweet tooth for thousands of years. First, people have learned that honey produced by bees was sweet and pleasant, and began to eat it. Probably not take place so long as Homo sapiens has not started to combine the honey with nuts and other products to make the world's first domestic candy.

Since reliable historical data of only a few thousand years, it is impossible to determine exactly when the candies were invented and who was the first inventor. The word candy comes from the Persian word qandi, but experts know that on their own candies are much older ancient Persians.

Determination candy as confection made from sugar, honey or other sweetener, there was a long time. Experts have identified a manuscript that depict the candy in ancient Egypt. Archaeologists believe that these instruments should be more than 2,000 years.

For this reason, some experts give the right to the invention of sweets to the ancient Egyptians. The ancient Egyptians used honey to make sweets, combining it with nuts, figs, dates and spices. They used these candies as part of the early religious rites.

Other ancient civilizations, including the Romans, the Greeks and the Chinese also knew about the candy. In addition to honey, these civilizations used the barley sugar, mixed with sesame seeds, fruits and other ingredients.

In the Middle Ages, sugar has become a popular ingredient in the production of sweets. Although it should be noted that the price of sugar was very high, so that the sweets could afford only the rich. Some of the earliest kinds of sweets were also used in medicine and used to promote digestion and to treat a sore throat.

Only a couple of hundred years ago, during the industrial revolution, they will be invented machine for the mass production of sweets made of sugar and they become more affordable.

At the turn of the 20th century it has become a very popular chocolate, stimulating the popularity of candy to a whole new level.

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