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5 unexpected things that are useful for our health

5 unexpected things that are useful for our health
5 unexpected things that are useful for our health
health, video games, paracetamol, singing, sunscreen

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One of the greatest treasures possessed by man, is without a doubt, health. No wealth and material goods will not bring joy if we get sick.

Today you can find a lot of information about how to maintain health and to improve health. Knowing the basic rules and the basic principles of health, we can organize our lives to bring joy and pleasure, and turned to fight against various diseases.

So, a balanced diet combined with physical activity, avoiding harmful habits and the maximum reduction in the number of stress factors are the main rules of healthy and successful person.

However, there are a lot of things that are healthy for the organism. And if, for example, about the benefits of vitamins all know, that is a lot of what we do not suspect that it can be useful for us.

Talk about things that are unexpected benefits to our body.

1. Video games. Despite the fact that gambling is one of the urgent problems, it turns out that games can be useful. First of all it is useful for older people, it is recommended to play video games. The fact that the latter is able to improve the efficiency of the brain of older people, they support cognitive functions, memory and help to focus on objects.

2. The second place is unexpectedly useful for our body things is group singing. According to physicians, group singing creates a sense of unity. In addition, during the singing is breath control, which carries a soothing function. In General, group singing can be compared to yoga.

3. It turns out, may be useful and pessimism. German scientists found that pessimism increases the life. In a survey conducted by the Germans, was attended by forty thousand people, that says quite a serious scale studies.

4. Known drug paracetamol not only has antipyretic and analgesic effect, it is also reassuring, reducing anxiety level. And all due to the content of acetaminophen.

5. And thanks to daily use of sunscreen can be 24% to reduce the effect of aging of the skin. And if you apply it on the face, neck and hands daily for 4-5 years, then the aging effect will be reduced by a quarter.

about how positively, according to scientists, can affect to body playing in video games, group singing, pessimism, paracetamol (in addition to its core qualities) and sunscreen

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