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Collection of funny pictures 2017-02-15

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piano fell on the car

looks like good day

truck broke down by gender

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разная обувь на ногах

when much in a hurry

dress with a bust of a man

most fashionable dress


right waterslides

the truck not crawled under the bridge

apparently it is his last working day

kneeling in front of the ATM

when much needed money

ATM above the head

for those who do not like to kneel

spoon with a large hole

do follow dieting

Skiing on asphalt

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rich fantasy

glass is half empty or half full

half empty or half full

buy two pieces for the price of three

marketing genius

watering the flowers in the rain

He knows how to choose the right time

the car with huge tailpipes

bit pumped

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Date added: 15.02.2017 04:40

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