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Collection of funny pictures 2017-03-03

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moon in the satellite dish

good shot

new design of switches

new design of switches

car hanging on a pole

how so?

9th floor temporarly been moved to 15th floor

no comments

raccoon hanging on the closet


phone instead of a mirror

when price of mirror is more than cost of the phone

dreadlocks with the connectors at the ends

computer networking fan

parking master

the driver of this car was not paid a salary for the month and he avenged

Dog running on the grass with hoarfrost

when released in the morning to take a walk

Girl in the aquarium with snake


girls in the boat and around the trash

eco-friendly body of water after the weekend

sign on flooded road

lightly flooded))

car is towing a tram


fix the steering wheel

new method of fixing

lamppost backed of stairs

weary lamppost

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Date added: 03.03.2017 22:51

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