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Morning collection of funny pictures 2017-01-21

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the man behind the tree in the form of pants

sweatpants in size

sloping house

interesting idea marvel of architecture

forbidden to hang from the ceiling

roughly break...

just desert

just desert...

man talking to a mannequin

trying to seduce a mannequin?

a man drinks a means for washing of glasses

when special diet

the machine in the form of an inverted machine


sausage roasted on the iron

when the gas ran out

curved palm tree

standing out from the General mass

the wood burns inside the barrel

fire inside the tree

man jumping in pool

in flight

a fly stuck in the grid


the MRI premakniti all the tables

the safest MRI

pants-shorts on the plane


the artist very realistically painted

very realistic

Morning collection of funny pictures 2017-01-21 to lift the mood

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Date added: 21.01.2017 14:25

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