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Evening collection of funny pictures 2017-01-16

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the dove with a piece of bread on the neck

bread necklace

a man falls in the bathroom

recorded in flight...

raise the vacuum cleaner falling out of the window quilt

the purpose of a vacuum cleaner

tattoo-like drawing on castraure

really favorite saucepan

strange weirdos

we do not eat GMO

car drove into fresh concrete

I love to slip, especially in the fresh concrete

TIC TAC toe on the back

when no notebook

phone as TV

when there is no TV in the kitchen

weird toy

what grow up when playing these toys?

snake crawling on the fence

a "griddy" serpent

the tent in the waiting room

when a long wait for your flight

lot of garbage in the car

the trash in the car

Manneken Pis

rainbow from "pissing boys"

the road down to the cave

a doorway into the unknown

huge Toblerone

for who always is not enough

Evening collection of funny pictures to lift the mood 2017-01-16

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Date added: 17.01.2017 00:03

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