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Morning collection of funny pictures 2017-01-16

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Bike on the roof jammed at the entrance to the garage

correctly stopped

Owl on the windowsill

big brother is watching you

A man comes out of subway with a strange thing


mopeds fell like dominoes


Small car in a big car

and it happens

the machine folding in the middle

just tired

one man sits on the head of another

stunt? photoshop?

the woman gets the filling hose

this gas station hose as a gift

the machine arrived in fresh concrete

"updated" a fresh fill

the gobbler broke the window

Turkey - rogue restored order in the house

the truck went under the bridge

does not slip...

washing machine burning inside

here and washed socks

a moped tied to the column

so not exactly a steal

people covered in black

finally washed...

clothes fit the hair color

painted we painted...

Morning collection of funny pictures to lift the mood 2017-01-16

Category: Funny Pics

Date added: 15.01.2017 23:27

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